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General Protocol for Dental Implants

Typically, patients will schedule for two or more consultations to ensure that all necessary information is available before the dental implant is placed.

Preliminary Consultation
This is a short appointment where the patient will undergo an initial exam and receive a general opinion of how many implants are needed.  In addition, the determination of any further planning will be discussed.  For example, it may be critical to obtain additional panoramic x- rays, detailed I - CAT scans, study models, surgical guides etc.  A consultation with the restorative dentist may also be necessary.

Pre-Surgical Consultation
Preceding surgery, an overall review of the patient's customized treatment plan will be conducted.   Reviews of panoramic and/or complex motion tomogram x-rays and the final treatment recommendations with alternative options will be discussed.  In select cases, this review may include I-Cat CT detailed cone beam x-ray scans; these scans digitally interface with computerized implant planning software which allow for convenient computer analysis.  Patients will also receive a written review of the itemized costs that are associated. 

Implant Placement  - Click here to see case examples
This procedure is typically performed in less than one hour and usually done in one stage where the implant and temporary or final abutment is placed at the same visit.  To reduce swelling and discomfort, the newer flapless technique is utilized so that no incisions or stitches are needed. 

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