Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, jaw alignment, EvanstonOrthognathic surgery is a means of correcting misalignments of the jaws. Teeth can be straightened with orthodontics and jaws can be corrected with orthognathic surgery. Drs. Akers, Stohle & Borden have been performing orthognathic surgery for over 25 years.

Patients who require corrective jaw surgery include those with an improper bite, overgrowth of the upper or lower jaw, and undergrowth of the upper or lower jaw. These may be of genetic origin or caused by a trauma to the face. Our goal is to correct the functional problems with chewing, breathing, speech, TMJ, long-term oral health and appearance.

At consultation, facial x-rays (panoramic and cephalometric) and stone casts of your mouth (study models) will be taken. These will be used to put together a complete treatment plan for your specific case. Photos may also be taken at this time. If you have already had any of these previously done, please bring them with you to this appointment. Your surgeon will make a prediction tracing of your future jaw profile and discuss your treatment options with you. Drs. Akers, Stohle & Borden will work closely with your orthodontist to acheive optimum oral alignment and function. Completion of this may take two or more years.

Drs. Akers, Stohle & Borden perform orthognathic surgery at Evanston and Glenbrook Hospitals. A complete physical and any required bloodwork will be done before the day of surgery. General Anesthesia will be administered by an anesthesiologist on the hospital staff. Typically it is a 1 - 3 night stay in the hospital.

Post operative instructions will include a liquid to soft diet for a number of weeks .In most cases ,with the newer techniques, the jaws are not wired together during initial healing. Post operative visits will be scheduled at our offices to closely monitor your progress.